Solar energy Resources

We provide the following studies, analysis and sample reports on a photovoltaic and solar thermal energy sample projects.
Photovoltaic in Germany
Sample report for a photovoltaic plant and contains the project key figures, performance figures, cash flow tables and the debt services, the relevant financial key figures and projected balance sheets over the complete operating phase download pdf.
German Study: "Investments in Erneuerbare Energien"
Ertrags- und Risikoaspekte von Erneuerbare Energien Portfolien im Vergleich - download pdf
German Study: "Die Wirtschaftlichkeit von Photovoltaik in der Spät- und Post-Ära des EEGs: Eigenverbrauch als Schlüssel zu rentablen PV-Investments"
download pdf
Solar thermal
On request we provide a sample report for a solar thermal project.

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