Our consulting services covers the whole spectrum of project stages from early planning, construction, purchase or sale till the end of production and decommissioning. Our consulting services are customized to the needs of investors, banks, project developers and funds manager.

Our Experience
We can offer you a wide range of services owing to our long standing experience in project finance, risk manangement and investment banking.

Our Services
Our spectrum of services ranges from project due-diligence, independent valuation of the turnkey, and optimization of the equity and debt structure under given constrains, cash flow modeling, stress testing and scenario analysis. Our consulting approach covers the complete life cycle of single projects as well as risk return optimized portfolios.

Our clients
Our services are specifically tailored for:
  • Investors
  • Project developers
  • Funds manager

Our Network
Our comprehensive network enables us to connect you with congruent investors and projects.

Our compensation model
According to our diverse consulting services we offer a highly flexible compensation model tailored to your needs.
  • Performance based
  • Transaction based
  • On time and material base or fixed price, according to a daily rate
  • License fee
  • A combination of all

Please contact us for an individual offer.

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