A comprehensive training program completes our products and services. We cover all relevant topics in renewable energies and cashflow modeling due to our deep market experience. We offer in-house training courses and workshops customized to your needs.

Introduction to renewable energies
We regularly organize 1-2 day introductory seminars on renewable energies.

Workshop cash flow modeling and software training MatobisPro
For current users and prospective customers we offer customized workshops on our software Suite MatobisPro.

Our comprehensive training program covers the following topics (selection):
  • Technological Overview
    • Photo voltaic and solar thermal power
    • On- and off shore wind
    • Hydro power
    • Geo thermal power
    • Biomass
    • Energy storage

  • Electricity and electricity prices
    • Physical constrains
    • Electricity trading and electricity price components
    • Renewable Energy incentive schemes in Germany (EEG) and Europe
    • Direct marketing of electricity

  • Analysis and valuation of renewable energy projects
    • The main income and expenses components
    • Cash flow modeling and valuation
    • Key return figures
    • The impact of debt capital
    • Sound investment analysis and pitfalls of valuation

  • Risk management of renewable energy projects
    • Market, credit, operational and liquidity risk of renewable energy projects
    • Key risk figures of equity and debt financing
    • Stress testing and scenario analysis
    • Risk management processes and risk reporting

  • Investing in renewable energy projects
    • Investment process and regulatory aspects
    • Direct investments
    • Bonds
    • Funds and Fund of Funds

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