Consulting services for investors

You are an investor in renewable or fossil energy projects? A professional investment in this asset class requires a detailed analysis and valuation of the risk return profile, independent of being an equity, venture or debt investor as wll as of the investment horizon. We can offer you a comprehensive set of consulting services like:
  • Valuation and turnkey calculation
    We perform an independent valuation of your project. This includes - for example - plausibility check of the underlying assumptions and a sensitivity analysis of the most important input factors.

  • Project due-diligence and brokerage of projects
    We support you with detailed analysis and help you to source a suitable transaction. This includes – as mentioned above – project and turnkey valuation and analysis of all cash flow relevant factors. Our comprehensive network enables us to connect you with project developers and other potential project vendors.

  • Equity and debt optimization
    Our sophisticated cash flow model allows optimizing the equity/debt structure under given risk or financing constrains. Of pivotal importance are key figures like maximizing the return on equity and the turnkey or minimizing the required equity, given certain risk constrains.

  • Bankable cash flow modeling
    With our certified cash flow model and the preparation of bankable reports, we support you in the loan approval process of your project. Beside the set of standard reporting we can create client or bank specific reports like customized scenario analysis and stress testing.

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